September 22, 2018

About Us

Landon Ryans is my (the admin’s) web pseudonym, as my given name is far too common to secure a proper domain. In reality I am Daniel Thomas, a disc golfing and coffee drinking millennial. I aspire to blog around relevant trending topics impacting various aspects of life. After a long journey through higher education (read: law school) I surprisingly landed in a totally different dirrection – Starbucks store manager. I encourage all others to pursue only things that inspire positivity and fulfillment.

My top interest is sports and recreation- I will feature posts around fantasy sports, strength training, exercise, wrestling, hiking, camping, and disc golf. Other top topics will include technology- the latest smartphones, app development, virtual reality, bitcoin, and cyber security. In addition to these top topics, this blog will discuss US and global politics, business and stocks, legal issues, food and drink, and environmental issues.