September 22, 2018

Category: Health and Wellness

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Reuse and Recycle Paper, Books, and Magazines

As consumers demand the need for more paper, whether it’s for newspapers, plain paper or books, we continue to cut down vast numbers of really old trees. It will take numerous years to see this turned over. Reusing and recycling paper is really important nowadays. All paper, including books and magazines, are virtually wholly biodegradable, […]

The Secrets of a “Been-There, Executed-That” Success Junkie and How They Impact YOUR Success

Dear Chronically Pissed off Entrepreneur, If you’ve been going from guru to guru learning methods to be the ‘next big thing’; When you’ve been downloading e-book after book trying to unravel the ‘secret key to the Vault of Success’; Should you’ve been attending seminar after seminar and studying tons of books till yo
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