September 22, 2018

Damascus Chef Knives: Origins

Damascus Steel, or Damast Steel (as it is sometimes called), was created in the middle-east between 1100 and 1700AD.

Its first mean wasto make knives for protection.

It was later found that it was first created in China many years ago, arounf 300BC.

It was then introduced as ingots (Steel blocks) to the middle east and formed into swords.

The uniqueness of the Damascus Steel in theweapons, made them so effective, that they would break through the softer European metal blades of the time, making them important.

Damascus Chef Knife.

Around the 17th century, the technique of forging the Damascus or Wootz Steel was .

Even these days the true metal components of the metals the Damast Ingots that were used for forging the weapons is unknown.

At this moment the term Damascus or Damast is used for knives with a visible grain pattern.

The blade is made of of Steel, Cadmium, Carbon and Iron (and other composition as Chromium and Vanadium and more…).

Many metals are with variegated surface, these are etched on the blade instead ofreal metal layering for real Damascus chef knife blade lines.

The authentic Damascus chef knife is forged and folded and the steel is grinded and polished to expose the layers of Iron in the steel blade.

Today severalDamascus Steel steels are used in damascus chef knives and Chef Knives, and rings.

The difference in using a good forged Damascus chef knife to using a regular knife is astonishin.

Whan you use a damascus chef knife the precision of your knife is much better.

The reason is when you use a damascus chef knife your work is much easier sharpness and flexibily, and edge retension which is much better than a regular knife.

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