September 22, 2018

Five Beginner Facts About Numerology

Ever thought about attempting to learn about numerology? There are thousands who asked themselves that very same question, and subsequently decided they would actually do it. Most folks never really consider it very seriously; just go on to something else… Many will not try because they do not know where to start. Thinking that it’ll require too much effort discourages others. Others just feel that it’s too low a priority to be truly worth bothering with.

Now just hold on here a moment! Are those reasons really valid? Are they persuasive? Were the reasons in favor considered? Did both the Pro as well as the Con side get considered? The disadvantages were considered, but what about the pluses?

Maybe that should be reconsidered. Perhaps we should simply look at 5 favorable reasons to learn about numerology and work those into your decision process.

Initially, Numerology is an ancient metaphysical science gifted to humanity as a means of understanding our lives. Correct. You observe that the effects of numerology have not been proven by modern science. Yes, this is a very good point. But consider this, numerology helps give a person an inside view of their life. Finally, one must consider that numerology does not promise to solve your problems but is an alternative way to view your position in life.

Second, Numerology is done by working off of the person’s birthday and name. That is because a person numerology numbers are derived from the full legal birth name and the date of birth. That’s truly the reason that, as numerous observers have noted, changing your name will not all of sudden change your numerology reading as it is determined from you true birth name.

Third, Numerology helps you pinpoint where you are in the grand scheme of things. And also do not think of a numerologist as a psychic but more of an advisor for your life!

Fourth, Numerology can be used to learn more about yourself and your personality traits and to guide you to a better future.

And finally, Numerology is a tool of consciousness, a way to language our deepest desires, strengths and challenges.

So just take a look at those points and weigh them in your mind. You will be able to understand that a persuasive case exists for starting to search for approaches to learn about numerology.

Halt for just a moment and consider all those things. Those selfsame factors have persuaded others; don’t they persuade you too to learn about numerology?

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