September 22, 2018

Pokémon Go GPS Hack: Changing your location to Cheat Pokémon Go. Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts.

Welcome to my breakdown of Pokémon Go! GPS Hack related issues. I will discuss how it works, will speculate on why users might want to use it, and share my thoughts on some of those that do so.


In 2016 Pokémon Go! is raging in popularity. A testament to the idea that things come and go in cycles, Pokémon is back full-force after it first gained popularity nearly twenty years ago. Kids who grew up around Pokémon are now playing again; but this time, they’re on a smartphone interacting with millions of others experiencing the same thing. Many players look for a Pokémon Go Cheat or a Pokémon Go Hack, or more specifically a Pokémon Go GPS Cheat or Pokémon Go GPS Hack.


One of the key elements to Pokémon Go is exploration… in order to “catch ’em all” players must enable location services and explore the literal globe… finding Pokémon in the wild in real-time. Recently many Pokémon Go GPS Hacks have emerged… these allow players to trick the game into thinking their location is different than it really is.


Before going into any detail on the Pokémon Go GPS Hack, I must be VERY CLEAR- this advice could lead to you earning a permanent ban from Pokémon Go, or having your device bricked. PLEASE use proper precautions when taking this advice. Even better, I will be closing this article with my own personal strategy for avoiding detection when using a Pokémon Go GPS Cheat!

For the Pokémon Go GPS Cheat to work on an iPhone, you must be using The iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak, do NOT upgrade your device to iOS 9.3.5 or higher to use this Pokémon Go Hack. Why is it important for you to hide the Pokémon Go GPS Hack? Because the Pokémon Go terms and conditions clearly state that players who are discovered to be circumventing the GPS functionality of the game will be subject to a permanent ban! You don’t want that. To hide your iOS jailbreak, install tsProtector on your phone. This is a paid app that hides your jailbreak from the Pokémon Go software. But, its only $1.99!


Next, you need to download a location faking app to trick Pokémon Go about your location. The best, cheapest app for this function is LocationFaker. You need to use Cydia to download this app, as the regular app store will not feature it. Once you have followed all these steps, you can use LocationFaker to change your location. Then, open Pokémon Go and see your new location!


Taking the Pokémon Go GPS Hack a step further, how can you use it to find specific Pokémon? You should probably get started checking out PokeVision. PokeVision is a website allowing you to locate nearby Pokémon and acquire their GPS coordinates. Then, you can utilize LocationFaker to jump to that Pokémon’s location and gain full benefit of the Pokémon Go GPS Cheat! It’s as simple as that. However, next I will offer specific tips to ensure you do not get banned for using this Pokémon Go Hack.

I mentioned previously that there are ways to use this Pokémon Go GPS Hack that will be less visible to the game authorities. A good first step is to hide your jailbreak… but, if your location patterns in the game are impossible the authorities will figure it out! Here is my limited pro tip about hiding your Pokémon Go Hack… instead of venturing off to locations hundreds or thousands of miles away from your actual location, use the Pokémon Go GPS Cheat to make very small changes to your location. Keep it realistic! Don’t go from New York to L.A. in five minutes! Instead, explore just outside your city. Then, move a little farther. Go step by step as to not draw attention to yourself from the developers. If you’ve hidden your jailbreak and keep your location movements realistic, you are likely to get away with the Pokémon Go Cheat undetected! Now you can really catch ’em all!


I will spend the rest of this article considering how a player should feel about using these Pokémon Go Hacks. I’m not discussing cheating big-picture, but am simply focusing on the acceptable nature (or lack thereof) of using THIS hack for THIS particular game. Let’s start by considering the fundamental appeal of Pokémon Go – exploration and social interaction. This game has been such a revolutionary hit because of its revolutionary nature… previously, Pokémon games were single player adventures where a player interacted with a static game environment. While fun, it was limited. The constantly evolving limits of technology have created the possibility of a more dynamic game environment, allowing for competition among players globally. No longer are players simply against the CPU…. Pokémon Go has gone with fully multiplayer functionality. You must get to the Pokémon before other players do. You can join up on teams with other players, and be the official Pokémon Master for a specific “gym” location (like a Pokémon HQ). Therefore, the basic fundamentals of the game run perpendicular to the concept of a Pokémon Go GPS Cheat.

What is stopping a player from getting out in the world and exploring in order to catch ’em all? One likely factor is laziness… players might not want to exert the energy playing a game, and might prefer lethargy over potential exercise. One less negative option that I must keep my mind open to is physical limitation… does Pokémon Go discriminate against the physically handicapped? How could a paraplegic or one confined to a wheelchair truly enjoy a game such as Pokémon Go without utilizing a Pokémon Go Hack? When considered from this perspective, the Pokémon Go GPS Cheat appears socially acceptable. However, how should you then feel if you’re utilizing the Pokémon Go GPS Hack if you are NOT physically handicapped? Basically you should feel like someone competing in the Special Olympics who isn’t actually handicapped (see: Eric Cartman of Southpark. Do you really want to be like Cartman, pretending to be handicapped?)


I hope you’ve enjoyed my musings on the Pokémon Go GPS Hack, my tips on how to hide the fact that you’re using this Pokémon Go Cheat, and my perspective on whether utilizing a Pokémon Go GPS Cheat is socially acceptable. In the future I will provide a similar perspective on other issues in the gaming, social networking, and augmented reality fields. Meanwhile, get to using that Pokémon Go Cheat I was telling you about!


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