September 20, 2018

Public Notary Eligibility in Florida

A notary public is a public official with high level of trust and faith. A notary public witnesses a person’s signature on different types of documents, thus verifying that the person did undeniably sign the paper with his or her own free will without any force. For this job, the notary receives a fee set by the state. In some states of US, a notary public can perform a marriage ceremony also. A public notary is known as the witness for the people.

Qualifications for this professional service vary from state to state. All states and jurisdictions have some basic requirements. A notary public should live up to the responsibility and trustworthiness required for the designation, whether it involves a few bucks or several billions. If you want to become a notary in Florida, here is the guidance and expertise you need.

• Should be at least 18 years old and should be an official full-time resident of Florida.

• Non-Residents of Florida are not eligible.

• One should obtain the notary application form from Florida Notary Discount Association or from the State of Florida. The application can be downloaded from or from the Florida Department of State, Notary Commissions.

• Candidates applying for a notary should not hold any official position or appointment under the United States or State of Florida; else they will be prohibited from becoming a notary.

• Candidates applying should not have committed any crime that resulted in a six-month or more punishment. They can only apply, if theirsocial rights have been restored.

Browse the internet for notary public bonds and supplies in Florida and other states of US. There are many websites which give complete information regarding Florida notary,notary public, notaries, etc. Online notary supplies stores offer step-by-step information and details for thoseinterested in becoming a public notary. You can also find notary technological solutions that can help you to stay ahead in your notary career.

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